Digital currency is a way of exchanging money for the goods and services offered. Among the prevalent cryptocurrencies. Some of them are renowned. Here is a list of all the cryptocurrencies that are rising up in fame every day.


This is one of the most common cryptocurrencies that was created in the year 2009. The concept behind this is that there is an open-source software behind its function. The pseudonym of Satosho Nakamoto was used to create this digital currency and this process utilizes blockchain technology. Once transactions made on this channel cannot be revered for any case. All of these transactions end up on the ledger. Anyone with a private key can access their transactions to check its status. All of this happens in a matter of seconds.



Launched a decade ago, Litecoin has become a global payment channel, and this is a completely decentralized platform too. The transaction durations are quicker and the set higher limit on the transaction is higher than that of bitcoin. Even the algorithm that It runs on is different from that of bitcoin. While they sound similar, they are not the same, despite belonging to the class of cryptocurrencies.


Another cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, it is decentralized as well. There is a minimal transaction fee that is to be paid by the user, to use the services on Ethereum.

Bitcoin cash

This was an improvement on top of bitcoin to help make them better and more accessible by all people. What was done here is that the size of the block was increased and this made it possible to conduct the transactions faster and in lesser time compared to the other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum cryptocurrency

This is the latest version of the Ethereum cryptocurrency that negates any possibility of fraud, third-party intrusion, or downtime. You can call it the best version of Ethereum, without any inconvenience. People generally use this mode to pay, as it is reliable and quick.


This was built using bitcoin as the inspiration that emphasizes the privacy of the individuals. No information in regards to the sender or amount is released, making it a completely private channel.


Complete knowledge of the cryptocurrency options will help you choose the best one for your purpose. On top of that, cryptocurrency is the future and more and more industries are accepting of this form of payment and it leads to secure and private transactions. It is only a matter of time before the whole world switches to crypto and leaves the others behind. This will take the transactions times to be lesser and make it possible to transact high values in time at all.

Apart from these cryptocurrencies, there are also Zeash, Stellar Lumen, Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision that are making the waves in the industry. Cryptocurrency is one true way of making transactions using the help of technology.