The township of Yowah, built on the Yowah Opal Mining Field, is 160 km north west of Cunnamulla.

It has a resident population of about 60 which increases to nearer 250 during the winter months.

The first lease was registered in 1883 and opal has been mined on the field since that time.

The field is renowned for its Yowah Nuts, small hollow ironstone concretions, a small percentage of which contain a kernel of pretty crystal opal.

The field also has magnificent matrix which is a unique type of opal, usually formed within the outer shell of the Yowah Nuts and when cut makes an elegant gem.

Some 25 kms south of Yowah is the small field of Black Gate and the Leopardwood mine.

This area has ironstone opal similar to that found at Yowah, black boulder opal and crystal opal and well as some interesting fossils.

Many visitors to Yowah become entranced with the landscape, lifestyle, people and the search for opal that they continue to return to the area on an annual basis.

It is only in recent years that the town has acquired some of the everyday services we take for granted like electricity, reticulated water from the artesian bore, telephone and television via satellite.

There is a designated area for recreational fossicking (licence required) with hand tools only within close proximity of the town and both uncut and finished opal are available for sale from the many outlets operated by the opal miners.

Yowah has recently opened a Rural Transaction Centre. This houses the library, a cafe, internet cafe and tourist information.

Yowah has a series of newly established heritage trails. The heritage trail guide is available from the Rural Transaction Centre.

A 'must do' is a drive to 'The Bluff'. You'll need your camera!

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