Cunnamulla Primary Health Centre

Cunnamulla Primary Health Care Centre The Cunnamulla Primary Health Care Centre commenced operations in 2000. The Service is a partnership between the Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health and Queensland Health and is located at 26-28 John Street. The purpose of the centre is to promote, maintain and improve the health and well-being of all people in South Western Queensland through health promotion and education programs, and through integrated and cost-effective health care services that are consistent with community needs. The centre offers a wide range of health services to the indigenous and non-indigenous community. These include: Physiotherapy Podiatry Speech Pathology Social Work Occupational Therapy Adult Mental Health Social & Emotional Well-being Counselling Child & Youth Mental health Drug & Alcohol Nutrition Home Visits and hospital Child Health Liaison Lifeline counselling Help filling out forms Referrals for other medical services Advocacy Womens health Nurse Hearing Testing Transport to and from medical appointments Diabetes education. Contact: Primary Health Care Centre 26-28 John Street Cunnamulla Qld 4490. OR PO Box 231 Cunnamulla Qld 4490. Phone: (07) 4655 8800 Fax: (07) 4655 8801
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