Paroo Pioneer Pathways

Follow the Paroo Pioneer Pathways around Cunnamulla, Eulo, Wyandra and Yowah. These heritage trails around the Shire link stories of the history and development of our towns.

Although history is linked by the economic and social structure of the towns, each town developed its own character and characters. The locals you meet along the way will tell you stories about their families and probably a few about other families!

The Paroo Pioneer Pathways also includes nature walks along the rivers and around the opal mines.

Highlights of these trails include:

Cunnamulla: The town streetscape, buildings and the Robber's Tree

Eulo: The Eulo Queen Hotel and the Air Raid Centre

Wyandra: Kennedy's Camp 18 and The Beach

Yowah: Scenic Drive to 'The Bluff' and early house construction

Walk or drive these trail for an interesting and enjoyable experience, and you never know what or who you may discover along the way...perhaps something to write home about?

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