Lake Bindegolly National Park

Lake Bindegolly National Park
Lake Bindegolly National Park centres around one of the most important inland wetland systems in south west Queensland.

The Park features three lakes:-
Lake Bindegolly;
Lake Toomaroo (saline);
Lake Hutchinson (freshwater).

These lakes overflow into a number of un-named freshwater lakes on private property to the south of the Park.

Lake Bindegolly is located approximately 170km west of Cunnamulla, in the Bulloo Shire, on the Bulloo Development Road (also referred to as the Adventure Way.

In order to protect the fragile lake margins from further degradation, vehicles are not presently allowed on the Park. However, you may park your vehicle and walk to the lakes.

No campground exists on the Park. Camping is permitted only on the stock route along the southern edge of the park (between the powerline north of the main road and the boundry fence to its south).

Thargomindah is only 50km along the bitumen sealed Adventure Way and offers a choice of accommodation.

The arid inland of Australia is known for its extremes of temperatures.

Temperatures in the far south west region range from -1 degree to 20 degree celcius in winter, and 23 degree to over 40 degree celcius in Summer.

Summer maximums can be as high as 48 degree celcius. It is extremely important that you carry adequate water supplies at all times of the year.

In winter, carry warm clothing and bedding. In summer, hats and sunscreen are essential.

Birds of Lake Bindegolly
The list has been compiled from observations by Department of Environment Staff, birdwatching groups and researchers.

The list is by no means complete and records of additional species would be appreciated.

Letter(s) in brackets following each bird name indicate the habitat in which the species is most likely to be found. Habitat information is only intended to provide a guide to major habitats utilised by each species.

M = Mulga;
L = Lakes / Swamps;
S = Samphire Flats;
D = Dunefield Shrublands.

Ems; Quails, Pheasants; Stubble quail; Ducks and allies; Grebes; Darters; Cormorants; Pelicans; Herons, Bitterns, Egerts; Ibises, Spoonbills; Hawks, Wagles, Falcons; Cranes; Rails, Crakes, Coots; Bustards; Button-Quails; Waders, Terns; Pigeons, Doves; Cockatoos, Parrots; Old World Duck; Owls, Frogmouth, Nightjars; Typical Swifts; Kingfishers, Bee-Eaters; Treecreepers; Fairy-wren; Pardalotes, Thornbills, & allies; Honeyeater; Chats; Robins; Babblers; Quail-thrushes & allies; Sitellas; Whistlers, Strike-thrushes & allies; Flycatchers, Monarchs; Magpie-lark; Cuckoo-shrikes, Trillers; Woodswallow, Butcherbirds, Currawongs; Crows & Allies; Mud-nesters; Bowerbirds; Old World larks; Old World wagtails and pipits; Finches & Allies; Flowerpeckers; Swallows & Martins; Old World Warbles.


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