Cunnamulla Fella

Cunnamulla Fella

Stan Coster wrote the words for the song 'Cunnamulla Fella' when he was 'ringing' in the Cunnamulla district around the 1950's. Slim Dusty later recorded the song and it has more recently been recorded by Lee Kernaghan. The Cunnamulla Fella is the larrikin in all Australians. In the 1950 and 60's, Cunnamulla was enjoying prosperity and growth due to a strong wool industry. Friday and Saturday nights saw the young ringers and shearers race to town for dancin', lovin' and fightin'. These Young blokes worked hard and tommorrow was a long way off.

Artist Mike Nicholas worked in Cunnamulla as a policeman in the 1960's and these young men inspired his pen and ink drawing of the Cunnamulla Fella. He recalls seeing boys as young as 14 years old sitting on their swags outside the pubs waiting for the 'cocky' (grazier) or the mail truck to pick them up.

The statue of the Cunnamulla Fella is the work of sculptor Archie St. Claire. The details of Archie's work gives life to the Cunnamulla Fella as he gazes across the town. His expression captures a quiet moment in his day.

Ever since Slim Dusty recorded the song, the question has been asked, 'Who is the Cunnamulla Fella?' Well now you know - so come and meet him and the friendly folk of Cunnamulla!!

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