Maguire Opal Collection

A 1928 Railway Carriage is the gallery displaying a private collection of unique Yowah Opal recognised as pieces of Nature's art.

Each piece of opal has been selected to portray the beauty and diversity of opal and its matrix mined from this small opal field that was discovered in 1880's.

Picture stones are a feature of the collection.

Many of the patterns seen in these stones are reflected in Aboriginal and African art as well as in Chinese and Middle Eastern art.

A selection of the display also includes opal from other Australian fields and from overseas eg. South and North America.

'From the Cretaceous Sediments'-
Within these ancient sediments has evolved a most unusal and unique stone. Iron and silica merged together to form Yowah Nut Opal.

Ironstone concretions (or nodules) formed millions of years ago and with opal have formed part of nature's fascinating collection of the unusual.

Split open one of these nuts and what mystery awaits the beholder!

Nature has created art with landscapes, seascapes, abstracts, impressions, all showing colours taken from an artists palatte. Some of the designs seen can be linked to Aboriginal, African and Asian cultures.

Wood and organic debri carried by ancient waters can also be found in this layer of earth. In time, these pieces become fossilised or opalised.

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Yowah Opal Field

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